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NAF 8211 D30 Intelligent Valve PositionerNAF 8211 D30 Intelligent Valve PositionerNAF 8211 D30 Intelligent Valve Positioner

BRAND: NAFCATEGORY: Valve Positioners

The NAF-D30 is an intelligent valve positioner designed to operate pneumatic rotary valve actuators from control systems and electrical controllers with the analog control signal 4-20 mA, optionally superimposed by the HART communication signal. It forms an integrated part in the NAF-Torex, NAF-Setball and NAF-Duball control valve package with a unique direct mounting and does not require brackets. The air block between positioner and actuator means you no longer need to find SS fittings and bend SS tubing. It fits quickly and easily reducing time for assembly. As an alternative, the digital operation by means of Profibus-PA and Foundation Fieldbus Is possible. The NAF-D30  positioner can also be integrated into system and application that support FDT/DTM concept according to the specification. For this purpose the required DTMs for HART and Profibus are available. The digital technology ensures the most accurate control and is the basis of the diagnostic tools using ValveSight Software. The features for predictive maintenance increase the availability of your process. The NAF-D30 positioner is also very easy and quick to configure and calibrate. Contact one of our technical specialists for a quote today or download the brochure to learn more!



Intelligent Modulating Rotary Control

  • Very robust modular design
  • Single or double acting
  • “One size fits all” high volume air spool valve
  • Instant quick calibration
  • Friction clutch and spring loaded shaft
  • Intrinsically safe

Ratings & Certification

  • IP66 / NEMA4x
  • ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
  • IEC Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
8 Bar
Options &
  • 4-20mA position feedback
  • Integrated limit switches
  • Integrated air pressure sensors
  • Pressure gauge block
  • Fail last position
  • Remote mounting
  • HART
  • Profibus-PA
  • Foundation Fieldbus

Direct mount to NAF modulating control actuators or mounting to any ¼ turn valve used for modulating control


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