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V038A iCon 8211 270991 Ex ia Control Valve PositionerV038A iCon 8211 270991 Ex ia Control Valve Positioner

BRAND: V&A iConCATEGORY: Valve Positioners

The V&A iCon 270991 intelligent valve positioner with its full range of standard factory made mounting brackets is designed to easily fit onto and operate every type of rotary and linear control valve available today. It’s easy to use autostart and self-calibration function ensures that calibrating a control valve is simple and fast. Together with a clear full text LCD display configuration is made easy. With optional Advanced / Premium diagnostics you can monitor valve performance and plan predictive maintenance. Available with different communication protocols, the 270991 will integrate smoothly into control systems. Operational tools such as the DTMs Pactware / VALcare™ ensure that you have everything at your fingertips to monitor your control valve performance. Contact us one of our technical specialists today for a quote or download the brochure to learn more!


SeriesV&A iCon 270991

Intelligent Control Valve Positioner

  • Easy mounting to rotary and linear control valves
  • Factory made mounting brackets for all valve and actuator makes
  • SIL 3 – Single or double acting
  • Partial stroke testing (PST) for emergency shutdown applications
  • Easy to operate auto start and self-calibration
  • Self diagnostics, status and diagnostic messages
  • Full integration with FDT / DTM technology
  • Supports EDDL technology for HART and AMS systems
  • Easy local operation with three push buttons
  • Advanced / Premium diagnostics for Valve predictive maintenance
  • High air capacity output / Low air consumption
  • Low vibration influence
  • Angular range to 95°
  • Robust design with metal cover
  • ATEX and FM/CSA approval for “intrinsic safety”
7 Bar
Options &
  • Housing in stainless steel
  • Built in inductive limit switches
  • Pressure sensors for air input/output
  • 4-20mA feedback two binary inputs or outputs
  • Gauge manifolds and volume booster
  • HART / WirelessHART®
  • Profibus-PA
  • Foundation Fieldbus H1
  • FoxCom

Modulating control for rotary and linear control valves where a user friendly and easy to operate positioner is required. Easily mounts to most makes of control valves including Fisher, Masoneilan, Valtek, Samson and Metso / Neles control valves with standard factory made brackets. Click here for the complete list of factory made positioner mounting brackets for all valve and actuator makes.


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