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Sustainability is a major issue with ARCA Flow Group as you will read in our latest magazine. Sustainability has many faces. In our latest magazine we would like to introduce some of them from our everday life to you. Be it packaging reduction, be it measures for the long-term reduction of energy consumption or the increasing use of our products in biomass power plants for example. Download the latest magazine and read for yourself or visit the Arca Control Valve section to learn more.


ARCA – Around the Steam Turbine

At the heart of a power station are the steam turbines and Arca has the excperience. They serve as a generator or mechanical drive for pumps and compressors. For its operation a network of valves is built around the turbine. Steam inlet valves direct the steam flow into the turbine while extraction valves withdraw the steam from the different intermediate stages. Gland steam and leakage steam control valves provide the labyrinth seals in the hub areas with steam, that seal the turbine shaft towards the turbine housing. Drain valves drain accruing condensate from the steam pipeline to the condensate collector.

For the project Pingshan ARCA delivered the steam supply control valves, the seal steam control valves and the drain valves of the steam turbine. The supply control valve in DN 400 controls the steam flow from the reheater into the turbine. Equipped with a hydraulic actuator suitable for a hydraulic pressure of up to 140 bar, it has an actuating time during control operation of 20 seconds and for quick close and open it has a time of 2 seconds and 5 seconds respectively.

The actuator in the picture can provide a maximum actuating force of 44 kN. Silencer disks at the valve outlet ensure a low-noise operation. Turbine manufacturers world-wide count on the know-how and experience of ARCA for the design and delivery of these valves. Together with our customers we develop solutions for efficient turbines with valves suitable for temperatures up to 650°C and nominal pressure up to PN720/Class 4500. To find ut more visit


ARCA is now certified “Main Valve Vendor” of BASF Chemicals in Germany and one of only two global suppliers for automated process control valves.

The Main Valve Vendor Concept (MVV 3) is a selection process for suppliers developed by BASF Chemicals that is aimed at supplying standard valves for plant maintenance and projects with key suppliers.

Early in 2014 BASF started a concept for qualification of suppliers that has been divided into three phases and was decided using the criteria of quality, security and costs. The MVV 3 project was started in 2016, building on the already successful MVV 2 project, for standard manual valves and automated valves. The objective of the selection process included long time collaboration with suppliers, standardisation, planning reliability and global footprint all leading up to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In future, small and medium-sized projects will be awarded directly to the MVV 3 suppliers without the need for tenders. For large projects the tender process will favour ARCA and one other control valve company both of whom are on the standard suppliers list.

With the qualification and acceptance to BASF Chemicals in Germany, ARCA once again proves its performance as a reliable control valve supplier. The award is sign of confidence that BASF places in ARCA. Visit ARCA control valves to find our more or contact one of our Technical Specialists who can assist you find a solution.

Arca Control Valves New Company Video

Arca Control Valves in Germany is a family owned company now in its 3rd generation. Established more than 100 years ago, Arca now employs more than 500 hundred people in various countries. Arca has more than 100 patents registered showing that they lead the way in control valve technology. Arca and Valve & Automation have been partners in South Africa for more than 20 years. Take a look what Arca can do for you. Watch the new video now.

ARCA: Comprehensive Solutions for all Processes of the Coal Gasification

Due to the availability of coal, coke and other refinery residues in almost all industrial and emerging countries, as well as the high efficiency and the excellent CO2 balance, the energy production in so called Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power stations will in most countries show growth in the future.

In IGCC power stations, synthesis gas is burned in a gas turbine and the waste heat of the gas turbine can by way of heat reclamation be used for energy generation. During the gasification process the reaction parameters (medium property, pressure and temperature) make extremely high demands on all procedural components in the surroundings of the gasification reactor. The pre-product is extremely abrasive and has to be compressed to a reactor pressure of about 80 bar and then under this pressure be inserted into the reactor. The oxygen also has to be compressed to the reactor pressure and then (in most cases) preheated to 100-150°C to be injected through the control valves into the reactor.

With the expertise and technical skills of ARCA Regler GmbH in terms of development and production of control valves for abrasive media and for oxygen (including valves of nickel-base alloy like Monel and Inconel and also degreasing according to international approved standards), as well as steam and water valves for the whole circuit of the heat recovery, the ARCA Flow-Group offers comprehensive solutions for all processes of the coal gasification, the successive chemical processes and also for the energy generation from coal gas. To learn more

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