PMV-D30 Intelligent Valve Positioner

SA Instrumentation & Control Magazine – Front Cover Jan 2021.

While pumps and valves frequently get most of the attention, it is often the actuators and positioning solutions that are running the show.

Over the last few decades, the process plant instrument technician’s day in the plant has become busier. They see an increased work load in combination with increased pressure for plant uptime and reduced maintenance cost.

Their knowledge base must today span from mechanics to pneumatics, and hydraulics to data communication, i.e., system level interaction. They get less time to learn how to handle new instruments and to read IOM manuals. Knowledge on how to handle older design process instrumentation, based on springs, bellows, cams and manual calibration, is getting lost. With this in mind, PMV designed a simple to use yet very advanced modular digital positioner, which can be used on rotary or linear actuators, both single and double acting.



To find out more dowload the Jan 2021 magazine article, or view the PMV-D30 technical data.





V&A Appointed Exclusive Agents For PMV Valve Positioners

PMV positioners are easily mounted to linear and rotary valves and quick to calibrate. For quick and easy valve positioner selection download our selection guide.

We have valve repair and automation centres in Vereeniging and Durban where we can fit a range of positioners to your globe control or rotary control valve and do complete function tests issuing a certificate.

Should you require an Explosion Proof positioner talk to one of our skilled technicians about the PMV-D3.

Call us today to see how we can help you with your positioner selection. 

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