The original news update was done on 8th July 2020 when we won the 1st phase of the chemical plant upgrade. So much has happened since the 1st phase, with phases 2 and 3 now having been won covering the brine plant, electrolyser and recovery boiler.



As of May 2021 the following valves have been supplied

  • Richter fully lined ball, butterfly, plug, check valves and sight glasses
  • NAF ball and butterfly ball and butterfly control valves
  • Arca globe control valves

Total pieces supplied = 964

Original News Update 8th July 2020

Our client a Global Leader with operations throughout the world chose Richter fully lined valves for the recent chemical plant upgrade based on the success they had with Richter and V&A over the last 30 years. The existing chemical plant which handles Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrochloric Acid and Brine needed to upgrade the Iron Exchange and Richter was the valve of choice for this project on isolation, on/off and control.

Prior to the chemical plant upgrade – Richter‘s increased reliability saved over R 1,400,000

This Global Leader, was having problems with unacceptable failure rates on lined butterfly control valves. The leaking valves resulted in ongoing losses due to their final product being inferior and rejected.

They were using a competitor’s fully lined butterfly valve to control Chlorine Dioxide flow. The valve had a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of only 2 to 3 months. Each time they changed the valve it cost them R70,000 for the valve alone (excluding the costs of rigging, downtime, lost production and rejected product). When they replaced the valve, they required 2 riggers an instrument technician and a fire attendant. In the 2 ½ years we monitored this application they would have bought 10 competitor valves.

Instrument Technician : “We had ongoing leaks downstream and the valve never sealed. There is only so much Chlorine Dioxide that can go into the system before you have an inferior product that is rejected.”

Our technical specialist walked the plant looking at the installation and investigated the process conditions. V&A then supplied a Richter NK series lined butterfly valve as the solution that has now been in use for more than 2 ½ years and has not been taken out or maintained yet.

Instrument Foreman : “We have not looked at the valve in 2 ½ years and it just does what it is supposed to allowing us to focus on other plant issues.”

Valves Supplied for Chemical Plant Upgrade

Total valves supplied so far = 237 pieces / sizes DN25 (1″) to DN200 (8″)

Talk to one of our skilled technical specialists today to see how we can assist with your chemical plant.

Actreg – Actlock Partial Stroke Testing (PST)

Emergency valves remain in their position and are actuated only in the case of emergencies. Often PST devices require complex software, a positioner with a PST function that requires special training and has fragile wiring and connections. The patented Actreg Actlock provides mechanical PST with a fully automated system reducing overall dimensions for the final control element compared with other solutions.

It is simple, integrated with the actuator and a 100% reliable mechanical solution. It offers a 3 in 1 option : Partial Stroke Testing, locking device and automatic stroke limiter.

Talk to our technical specialists today to see how we can help you protect your process plant.

To find out more watch the latest video or view the Actlock PST technical data.

PMV-D30 Intelligent Valve Positioner

SA Instrumentation & Control Magazine – Front Cover Jan 2021.

While pumps and valves frequently get most of the attention, it is often the actuators and positioning solutions that are running the show.

Over the last few decades, the process plant instrument technician’s day in the plant has become busier. They see an increased work load in combination with increased pressure for plant uptime and reduced maintenance cost.

Their knowledge base must today span from mechanics to pneumatics, and hydraulics to data communication, i.e., system level interaction. They get less time to learn how to handle new instruments and to read IOM manuals. Knowledge on how to handle older design process instrumentation, based on springs, bellows, cams and manual calibration, is getting lost. With this in mind, PMV designed a simple to use yet very advanced modular digital positioner, which can be used on rotary or linear actuators, both single and double acting.



To find out more dowload the Jan 2021 magazine article, or view the PMV-D30 technical data.





Arca – Their new 2020 magazine is here

Sustainability is a major issue with ARCA Flow Group as you will read in our latest magazine. Sustainability has many faces. In our latest magazine we would like to introduce some of them from our everday life to you. Be it packaging reduction, be it measures for the long-term reduction of energy consumption or the increasing use of our products in biomass power plants for example. Download the latest magazine and read for yourself or visit the Arca Control Valve section to learn more.


ARCA – Around the Steam Turbine

At the heart of a power station are the steam turbines and Arca has the excperience. They serve as a generator or mechanical drive for pumps and compressors. For its operation a network of valves is built around the turbine. Steam inlet valves direct the steam flow into the turbine while extraction valves withdraw the steam from the different intermediate stages. Gland steam and leakage steam control valves provide the labyrinth seals in the hub areas with steam, that seal the turbine shaft towards the turbine housing. Drain valves drain accruing condensate from the steam pipeline to the condensate collector.

For the project Pingshan ARCA delivered the steam supply control valves, the seal steam control valves and the drain valves of the steam turbine. The supply control valve in DN 400 controls the steam flow from the reheater into the turbine. Equipped with a hydraulic actuator suitable for a hydraulic pressure of up to 140 bar, it has an actuating time during control operation of 20 seconds and for quick close and open it has a time of 2 seconds and 5 seconds respectively.

The actuator in the picture can provide a maximum actuating force of 44 kN. Silencer disks at the valve outlet ensure a low-noise operation. Turbine manufacturers world-wide count on the know-how and experience of ARCA for the design and delivery of these valves. Together with our customers we develop solutions for efficient turbines with valves suitable for temperatures up to 650°C and nominal pressure up to PN720/Class 4500. To find ut more visit https://valve.co.za/products/brand/arca/


ARCA is now certified “Main Valve Vendor” of BASF Chemicals in Germany and one of only two global suppliers for automated process control valves.

The Main Valve Vendor Concept (MVV 3) is a selection process for suppliers developed by BASF Chemicals that is aimed at supplying standard valves for plant maintenance and projects with key suppliers.

Early in 2014 BASF started a concept for qualification of suppliers that has been divided into three phases and was decided using the criteria of quality, security and costs. The MVV 3 project was started in 2016, building on the already successful MVV 2 project, for standard manual valves and automated valves. The objective of the selection process included long time collaboration with suppliers, standardisation, planning reliability and global footprint all leading up to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

In future, small and medium-sized projects will be awarded directly to the MVV 3 suppliers without the need for tenders. For large projects the tender process will favour ARCA and one other control valve company both of whom are on the standard suppliers list.

With the qualification and acceptance to BASF Chemicals in Germany, ARCA once again proves its performance as a reliable control valve supplier. The award is sign of confidence that BASF places in ARCA. Visit ARCA control valves to find our more or contact one of our Technical Specialists who can assist you find a solution.

Arca Control Valves New Company Video

Arca Control Valves in Germany is a family owned company now in its 3rd generation. Established more than 100 years ago, Arca now employs more than 500 hundred people in various countries. Arca has more than 100 patents registered showing that they lead the way in control valve technology. Arca and Valve & Automation have been partners in South Africa for more than 20 years. Take a look what Arca can do for you. Watch the new video now.

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